Casual Shoes for the turf (Softball & Baseball)

Leadership, it’s a value constantly implemented in the design of a successful team.  Jukz Shoes defines leadership with our array of Flip Flops and Slides, each made from a particular sports ball; you can wear your favorite sport with ease.  Softball and Baseball are cherished sports across the world.  With the inception of Softball in the Olympics and the comeback for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo games.  Why is a casual shoe so important to these sports?

Debris from the field can often make way into the car afterward.  No matter if it’s grass, dirt, mud or the occasional bubble bum mishap.  Having a pair of Jukz in your bag provides you with the comfort of convenience from a comfortable shoe.





Although many individuals and teams have pledged allegiance to one brand or another; our creativity in the realm of design is unmatched. Our shoes are built to relieve your feet after the rigid work on the field. Pressure points on your soles are targeted by our REFLEXOLOGY design to supplement action taken from the turf, it’s meditation for your feet.


Casual shoes that allow you NO HASSLE and on-the-go capability that alleviates you from the strings of life.

If you would like to take a 30-day test drive in our shoes – feel free to subscribe to our mailing list and order a pair your favorite sport.


Spring into April Sale

The Final Four is set and spring training has started, this provides us a stage to take a look at your shoe situation!

Need a new pair of Flip Flops or athletic slides for the spring season? Why waste your time with cheap alternatives that leave your feet stranded when it matters most?

Our solution:



Jukz Shoes exhibits all traits of meditation for your feet; our design targets pressure points on your feet.  We are offering 40% off until the END OF MARCH!





Jukz Sports Backpacks (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis)

Need a new backpack?  Tired of paying outrageous prices for a simple backpack with one zippered compartment?  We have a solution. Our backpacks are interchangeable with customized covers that showcase your love for each sports season. 




Our New-Generation backpacks come with a Basketball cover.


  • Basketball Backpack

  • Zippered Ball Compartment

  • Tough / Durable

  • Made in the USA




Backpacks equipped with the interchangeable sports covers

Our original Backpacks are not interchangeable.  We have Soccer and Volleyball available.


  • Jukz Backpack

  • Zippered Ball Compartment

  • *No Interchangeable Cover

  • Tough / Durable

  • Made in the USA

  • #WearYourSport



Here’s what people have to say about our Bookbags.

Michelli Luz

Verified Reviewer


Great products!

My kids LOVE these!

Why wear a regular backpack when you can WEAR YOUR SPORT?

Inventing the Flip Flop (History and the Future)

A version of a concept that has developed into the modern day casual wear for shoes. The Flip Flop originated in ancient Egypt and were popularized and customized by the Romans and Japanese to fit their environmental changes.

The Roman Flip Flop consisted of a toe strap such as…


The Japanese version is similar to what we wear today.


The end of WWII brought a wave of popularity regarding foreign fashion and products associated with Japan/Germany. The Flip Flop hit mainstream success during the bathing suit redesign in the 1950’s and the rise of the 60’s hippie movement.


Goldie Hawn in a pair of flip flops (1960’s)


Guys of the 60’s enjoying the sun.


The first successful business model for the flip flop brand started in Brazil is Havaianas; a sister company of Alpargatas Footwear.  The Flip Flop vending machine is an attraction in cities such as Brazil and Tokyo.  The convenience of the Flip Flop provides on-the-go fashion, and many people choose this option over traditional footwear.


The substance and acceptance of the Flip Flop have been a topic of discussion since entering the public arena. A controversy started in 2005 when members of Northwestern University’s Women’s National Championship Lacrosse Team showed up at the White House wearing Flip Flops. They auctioned off the flip flops for charity after the visit and this established Flip Flop culture into a debate of FASHION vs COMFORT.


Unlimited possibilities are in-store for the Flip Flop, you can now customize and design your own shoe on many sites. Flip Flops are mainly designed out of rubber, foam or plastic, but you can find specialized flops made out of sports ball material that not only gives an extra protection within the sole, it also provides a unique style for sporting events and team gear.




Okabashi Shoes & Jukz Sports

Okabashi provides a quality chassis for our REAL BALL MATERIAL.  The shoes are made right here in the U.S.A.  Buford, Georgia to be exact.  Jukz provides the unique approach of our REAL BALL MATERIAL and thus comes a blend of American Made companies such as Okabashi and Jukz.

The Okabashi brand is a family owned business with history dating back to 1984.

A short quote from their website

Since 1984, we have set ourselves apart from the other major footwear manufacturers by producing a shoe that is much more than a shoe. Besides being made in the USA, Okabashi shoes are recyclable, designed with superior foot support and a massaging insole, dishwasher safe, and backed by a 2-year guarantee.”

Jukz and Okabashi makes the perfect partnership for your feet, you can get your sports-related slides and flops from or buy a pair of the classic Okabashi slides at

Jukz Baseball Slide


Okabashi Eurosport Sandals


Our Shoes CANNOT be overworked like ordinary slides and flops.

The 5 Points of Jukz Sports



The first point is this… Okabashi provides a quality chassis for our REAL BALL MATERIAL. The shoes are made right here in the U.S.A. Buford, Georgia to be exact. Jukz provides the unique approach of our REAL BALL MATERIAL and thus comes a blend of American Made companies such as Okabashi and Jukz.

There’s no denying the patriotic emotions that stir up during events like the Rio Olympics and the ol’ American Baseball classic. These engulf the culture of American sports and Jukz is happy to contribute to that atmosphere of stars and stripes!





Our patented design allows you to wear your favorite sport.  The comfort level for a real ball… well let’s say it’s unbelievably comfortable… I have a pair myself at the moment and it allows a free vibe experience with the stability of a sneaker.

Go outside and pick up your favorite sports ball… now imagine that on your shoes… backpack and even your hat!  Jukz allows you the ability to showcase Soccer, Baseball and any other sports ball to the max!



Our flip-flops and slides are great for you and your feet — the Eco-friendly design will support your feet for those trips to the local game or your favorite tailgating spot! Made from 100% recycled ball material.

We connect the consumer directly with the environment. Our product illustrates a green future for us all. A $40 investment saves YOU from buying multiple cheap slides or flip-flops that end up clogging our land fields and oceans. Jukz are made to last.


Using a Reflexology and arch support, these shoes showcase the definition of style and comfort. 

* In reflexology theory, points and areas on the feet, hands, and ears correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Practitioners access these points on the feet and hands (bottom, sides, and top) and the ear (both inside as far as the finger can reach and outside) to affect organs and systems throughout the entire body.


 Fundraising is an extra perk that most schools can apply to better benefit resources regarding uniforms, equipment and tournaments.  Jukz gives you an experience for your fan spirit.  Show pride with customized logos and a one-of-a-kind shoe that will keep fans happy and ready for game day!  We have sports available ranging from Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball and Basketball.  PICK YOUR SPORT AND WEAR YOUR SPORT.

Most leagues require players to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs.  We offer a customized plan and can accommodate the organization running the fundraiser with a discounted rate for the products they wish to acquire.

Jukz in Las Vegas (Landers’ Visions and Jukz Sports)

Jukz Sports will be live at the Las Vegas Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show with a booth featuring our Shoes made from REAL SPORTS MATERIAL and much more.


Our unique shoes will be presented on a vintage industrial-inspired display created by the creative minds at Landers’ Visions.  They provide custom creations for corporate events; a full-service production company with the capability to design the lighting, sound, drapery; and props to implement the perfect ambiance to impress.

Here’s a showcase of the work they provided for Jukz Sports

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You can find out more about Landers’ Vision at their website.


Baylor Basketball – AP #1

A first for Baylor Basketball and a BIG shift in the AP Top-10 of the basketball rankings.  Baylor is ranked #1 in the country for the first time and stands at 15-0.  With Villanova defeated at the hands of Butler, we have a new batch of teams to look at throughout this January.  Ranked #2 in the country is Kansas.  Could this be a potential showdown for the sweet 16?  The Bears look unstoppable and are only one of two teams left with an unbeaten record.  Their coach, Scott Drew has established excellent premiere scoring and execution down the stretch like the game vs Louisville.


Jukz Sports is thrilled that two of the teams we carry are in the AP Top-10.  We are offering a discount of 15% for all Baylor and Kansas fans of our shoes.  With all our shoes, we include free shipping as well.  Baylor Basketball Slides and Baylor Football Slides are perfect for gifts and will look great with your Baylor gear when March madness arrives

. And don’t forget about our Baylor Flip Flops.  Jukz Baylor Flip Flops come in an array of sports as well.



We are dedicated to bringing you real BASKETBALL material designed within the comfort and durability of our slides and flip flops.



All is Ball (Happy Birthday Basketball! AAU BACKPACKS)


Enthusiasm for basketball!  It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?  All the glory of basketball wrapped into a design of reflexology for your feet.  Today we celebrate not only our Jukz Basketball Slides; we celebrate Basketball and the 125 years of excitement it has brought to billions of people throughout history.  The hardwood classics played out in gyms across the world… Jukz embodies the essence of this time travel aura.

We want to bring the history of basketball into the 21st century and incorporate the ACTUAL BALL material within your everyday life.  We don’t only cater our unique design for your feet, available also are AAU BASKETBALL BACKPACKS that exhibit the finest quality you expect in a professional bag.  Our backpacks arrive with a basketball zippered backpack cover.



Customize your backpack for every sport with an array of choices.

Baseball cover