Casual Shoes for the turf (Softball & Baseball)

Leadership, it’s a value constantly implemented in the design of a successful team.  Jukz Shoes defines leadership with our array of Flip Flops and Slides, each made from a particular sports ball; you can wear your favorite sport with ease.  Softball and Baseball are cherished sports across the world.  With the inception of Softball in the Olympics and the comeback for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo games.  Why is a casual shoe so important to these sports?

Debris from the field can often make way into the car afterward.  No matter if it’s grass, dirt, mud or the occasional bubble bum mishap.  Having a pair of Jukz in your bag provides you with the comfort of convenience from a comfortable shoe.





Although many individuals and teams have pledged allegiance to one brand or another; our creativity in the realm of design is unmatched. Our shoes are built to relieve your feet after the rigid work on the field. Pressure points on your soles are targeted by our REFLEXOLOGY design to supplement action taken from the turf, it’s meditation for your feet.


Casual shoes that allow you NO HASSLE and on-the-go capability that alleviates you from the strings of life.

If you would like to take a 30-day test drive in our shoes – feel free to subscribe to our mailing list and order a pair your favorite sport.


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