Baylor Basketball – AP #1

A first for Baylor Basketball and a BIG shift in the AP Top-10 of the basketball rankings.  Baylor is ranked #1 in the country for the first time and stands at 15-0.  With Villanova defeated at the hands of Butler, we have a new batch of teams to look at throughout this January.  Ranked #2 in the country is Kansas.  Could this be a potential showdown for the sweet 16?  The Bears look unstoppable and are only one of two teams left with an unbeaten record.  Their coach, Scott Drew has established excellent premiere scoring and execution down the stretch like the game vs Louisville.


Jukz Sports is thrilled that two of the teams we carry are in the AP Top-10.  We are offering a discount of 15% for all Baylor and Kansas fans of our shoes.  With all our shoes, we include free shipping as well.  Baylor Basketball Slides and Baylor Football Slides are perfect for gifts and will look great with your Baylor gear when March madness arrives

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We are dedicated to bringing you real BASKETBALL material designed within the comfort and durability of our slides and flip flops.



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